you know when you know

When you know you know…a wise woman said to me once.⁣
And ever since I’ve used this inner knowing, letting it guide me through life. Taking me to places unknown and sometimes letting go of things others would hold on to for long.✨⁣

Today I feel happy life took me here & thankful for me taking the leap of fait ⁣
to trust life to hold me as I arrive in a new place of the world at this time. ⁣

With no people I know but with hope my inner guide had right. And if a days smile on my nordic winter lips behind a mask wont lie I think the answer is I can trust my guide. 💛✨Obrigado. 🙏🇵🇹⁣

and now

as I have been here a little over a month

✨I just started to share my yoga here in the sweet yogastudio in the heart of Lagos, Insight Yoga.

Every Saturday in sunset hour we meet for Yinyoga. The soft, kind, heartwarming style where we stay a bit longer in each pose to let the body unwind and ground where we are, as we are.

If you are not in the Algarve, Portugal and wants to join us, its easy to do so through zoom, (online) just send me a message if you wanna come!
18.00 Portugal & central Europe time. (19.00 Swedish time)


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