Woman circle in the jungle..

Woman-circle in the jungle. Late evening in Bali some years ago, in a little hut in between the giant trees and next to the river, with open walls and a straw roof. We met. 40 woman in the same age from all around the world. This night sharing our own stories about beauty. How we saw beauty as young in our different parts of the world. What it made with us growing up, and what beauty is for us today. All to the sounds of water pouring in the river, birds singing their evening song and frogs making funny noises.
All stories spoke to my heart and were so relatable. Some really heartbreaking other short and funny. I remember how touched I got from within, feeling this really do something for us as woman, to come together and gather in circle and a bigger sisterhood with love and respect. Its not a new thing. This is how woman always have shared their knowledge and supported each other in the villages around the world since ancient times ❤️ beauty, one word with so many different meanings and stories, putting so many woman through years of struggle to finally find beauty is within. I found the biggest beauty in every single woman showing up this night and their presence touched me for ever. ❤️

This was the first one of many more to come for me, and since last year I am part of a sisterhood online that brings support, light and humbleness to my life in beautiful ways.

If you have missed it, I´m now opening a sister circle online from this Sunday on. Its online and first time is Free. Feeling curious? See the post above and pm me for more details. 😊❤️

Here is a testimonial from a woman participating in my test-round in December.

”Thank you so much for the beautiful sisterhood you created. It was wonderful and I learned a lot. I would describe it as harmonious, allowing and inspiring and I love how you guided us in to our bodies in the beginning of each time.”✨

Remember. You are Beautiful ❤️
Much love from me

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