There is as many answers as there are beings. But I get surprised sometimes, like yesterday. I heard this is a insta-friendly spot of Bali, so many cool places with great food to catch and share. But I always thought the yoga-zoon is the balancing spot, like the yin to the yang. Or the artificiell to the real deal.
So I attended a class that to my surprise was full of yoga-men and some fiew woman, Hey, thats nice for a change😊 it was a restorative and meditative class with lots of self-reflection and time to drop the unnecessaries in life. The social face, the idĂ©as that you need to be/act or look in a certain way to be here.
When I have classes like this one in sweden people often smiles and look at eachother afterwords, maybe even get friendly.
But to my surprice what happened as the class ended were that the guys smiles and went out and the few girls all stayed and started to do soectacular yoga positions with camera smiles and without breath. I went out just to meet a totally silent sofa-hang with noone talking to eachother, everybody super busy with there own phones. The contact so peaceful given with the moment already so far away.
Ive been to many yoga studios around the world but this took the price.
Why are we doing yoga? Why is it that the woman do this snd the men don’t give a fuck?
For me I do yoga to return home. Come back to my breathing, my body and the moment I am in. To then hopefully show up as a better and more present person to myself and the humans around.
Its never been about the poses the look or the likes. Its always been to show up for life.❤️

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