You are not the stories of your mind. Neither the worries surfing on the wave of the them.⁣

All desperatly craving for your attention, adding extra drama to keep you in…⁣

Luckily, you are the watcher of the movie-screen of your creative mind. With an opportunity to detach from the drama and not get lost in there.⁣

With a deep breath we can give space in between the juicy story that is playing out and the real moment we are in. The here and now.⁣

As we consciously start to notice, and see them for what they are (just movies of a restless mind) we create a safe space in between the narrow and whats real.⁣

In fact we can choose to get entertained as we let go of the belief it´s any truth in there. Cause its fiction, fantasies. Like every award winning movie is made up by a creative mind, so is yours. ⁣

If you get really caught up. Breath in to expand your contact with now and breath out to rest in your present moment. Do it for as long as you need. ⁣

Remember, not to confuse the loving stories with your life.⁣

Stories are to entertain⁣
while life is to be lived.❤️

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