Have you ever had one of this days or weeks when everything seems to go agains you but deep inside you know those things needed to happen for your life to go on?… Well I have had a month of them. So let me share what I’ve learned so far💛 
I see it in a natural cloudy way.
This weeks clouds made me think about how we treat clouds, the inner and outer ones, and the storms that sometimes comes along, appearing like rain, a bitter lemon-mood, lack of view, or a feeling of being far from the sun. 
When thunder fills the sky we don’t try to push it away or say “Hey can you speed up a little”. That would not be very wise or make a difference, only empty us of energy and power. So we notice the weather, accept it and meet it best we can, adjusting our plans or get wet.
What if we treated our inner clouds in the same way? 
Notice the feeling, allow it and let it rest in us for a while or as long as it needs.
No pushing away, numbing or acting it out on others. 
But softening in to the resistance of the moment. Kindly rest with things as they are. And care for ourselves like a mother for her child. Adding kindfullness to the mindfulness☺️💕
If we numb the dark feelings we also numb the ability to feel the good feelings. So there is value of meeting all parts in life.

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