We can not control life. We can only show up with good intentions for what we believe in. ⁣
Life teaches me big time to let go of control and surrender to a bigger trust in life itself.⁣

We can only plant good seeds for what we believe in, show up for them and surrender any outcome.

Mind sometimes unconsciously believes we can plan and organize the outcome, but we can not. That game is a loos in energy with no gain. ⁣That part of the process is not up to us.

As we cant control the planets spinning around the sun, the cycles of the moon or the sun rising and setting, so cant we control the outcome of or efforts. ⁣

The goal of my trip here were to show up for something I believed was good for me. And as I got here I got to know that thing was not possible. Just like that. My whole system said, whaaaat, noooo, is this really happening?!!!!? since it was a big deal for me to choose to do it and challenged me a lot. ⁣

But all I could do was to surrender to the no and trust that life has a better plan for me, one I could not yet see.⁣

And as I wrote this I got the chance back. After 24 hours confusion and trust. ⁣

So what do we know about what is in here for us. But showing up and learning to trust is a dance we have. And life always gets better danced. ❤️

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