Tensions & loving Attention


Ever experienced a tight shoulder or a stiffness in your neck draw your attention in to the moment, in to your senses and back to your body?⁣

That´s actually what it does, our clever body as it longs for our kind attention✨⁣

When we spend time in our head, focusing outward for a long or loose ourselves in thoughts they often come to visit, tensions⁣

Mind might not wanna deal with it right now and might suggest to either get more busy with we already are doing (and then ignoring what we sense) or doing a really dramatic stretch to “end the discomfort quick and effective” but that will most likely create more or new tensions..⁣

✨ As an act of self-care I instead suggest you to;⁣

-Be thankful for you noticing your bodies communication⁣
-Allow you attention to stay here a little longer⁣
-Breath into it to the tense area to create space and let oxygen in. (Contraction most often comes from areas lacking good air circulation at the moment.)⁣
-Allow some gentle mindful movements to sooth the area together with your breath for new circulation to flow.⁣

Remember, tension just wants your kind Attention💛⁣

Meeting the present experience kindly is what we do in my yoga-classes. No working against, but exploring with.⁣

Want some gentle guidance in to your body and learn how to move in a loving way? Send me a message and share how you are sowe can have a chat about it! ✨

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