Yeheey. One of those breakfasts turning in to lunch turning in to new friends. Caught in the moment. Time flying by. This place so smart located in this hot area, in between two open ricefields with view over the mountains and with a breeze dancing through the open space now and then. Makes me think about what a good environment makes for us, how big part the environment plays in our everyday lives. How it affects how we feel and interact with each other. When I travel solo its always on the hidden spots I find and is drawn to that I also meet the nicest people. Cause for some reason they were also drawn to come to the same place, at the same time. Then its a plus when the breakfast is in the side of 3 meals, not kidding😂☺️and soo delicious! 

Sunday market by the locals farmers and designers to support the balinese village. Trying out the healing oils and creams to support my latest tropical insect-bite☺️🌴last days cure for a misquito-bite worked amazingly well. They really know how to use the healing benefits from plants through food, drinks, natural creams and essential oils here. If you’re not to ill its a really good compliment for a healthy living.

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