The importans of finding your sources.
Energy. Oh my, how clear it gets to me here how important it is to go to right sources for energy. Doing so takes some inner listening and self inquiry. Cause what is really your best resources, and specially, where do you find them when out traveling?

The rabies vaccination sometimes makes my heart work and my body silently shake from the inside if I get to hot, just like my dear companion Mac computer.
When I find myself out of balance wish life-circumstances easy can take us now and then, I try not to grasp for something coming from outside to save me, like the best coffee, a hug from a date, or a new beautiful Bali-dress (there are o so many). Instead I try to get myself into a calm and cool place where my brain is not melting (yeah, it happens sometimes here in Bali also in the shade☺️) and I sit with it.
First respons is always so drastic, like lets leave, book a flight back, but Im learning not to take decisions in this feelings, with time, allowing the race of mind to spin for a while, like watching a little juicy or half-juicy drama on tv. When the drama is seen it often gets more quiet and a better idé comes, like walk slow to a place that is really nourishing, the ocean, a yogastudio, turn on music you like, sing, call someone that feels home for you, feel in to your body and let whatever feelings be felt and noticed beyond acted on.
So survival kit when feeling out of balance on a trip. Slow down. Breath and take yourself to a place where your body can rest and all parts of you can be felt and free. And pay attention to what is nourishing for you so you can get there and charge yourself in a safe way❤️

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