Ödmjuk in swedish means to be soft to destiny. The word split up in two is öde=destiny and mjuk=soft.

Someone mentioned it a year ago and the word stayed with me ever since and made me think about how important it is to be so, humble to our destinies.

Humble to the place we are in and all that we are in this given moment. No matter where we are, we all do our best to navigate life in every moment and have always done.

Looking back on challenge or situations we have experienced in the past, we might with todays knowledge have acted or met the situation differently, but at that point, we did not know better, and we did all we could with what we knew to survive. So be gentle with yourself and others.

Lets embrace yesterdays challenges and be thankful for all that we learn through them and life that will now support us as we keep on walking our human, humble path with love towards self and others.

Being ödmjuk is not an act of giving up, in fact its the opposite, its to give in and enter your now with compassion towards self and others, seeing how we all try to do our very best to navigate this thing called life.
Love you all. 💛

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