My kind of yoga

“Do yoga with no goal but to be in the moment. This breath, this stretch, this wave of emotion rolling in. Watch it crest, and break, then dissipate.

Hold the body like a lover in a close embrace, listening with tenderness.

Yoga is a threshold into mystery; each pose an open doorway and an invitation to unfold. 
Sensations rise and fall, and through it all the deathless center radiates the simple truth of union.”
-Donna Faulds.

So come join me on the mat to explore yoga together. This week I teach 3 classes at Atmajyoti in Stockholm/ Vasastan. Would love to meet you there❤️ 17.00 Gravid yoga today monday
17.30 Yin yoga tomorrow tuesday
17.30 Medi Yoga on wednesday

Photo is taken of a stranger in Bali, promise no handstands in my classes this week ☺️

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