Moments of confirmation

Moments of confirmations has always been my guides through life. They comes in a “sensation-that-fills-my-whole-body” kind of way. And clears my head and reminds me I´m on my path even in big doubt.

One evening in January I felt it, and wrote…

Tonight I had a reaffirming reminder of being in my flow, my element and on the right place doing the right thing. 

I was teaching posture in my yoga class and we moved, breathed and felt together as the pandemic was at its worst outside. When we finished we sat in silence and my 3 participants looked up and smiled at each other and me. 

Then told me one by one how this shared moments on the mat this evening changed the way they felt about being in their bodies. A lot. In a good way. It came straight from their hearts and touched mine at the core. 

What they did not know was that I was in so much pain that day that I did not know if I would be abel to teach that evening, but also for me during the class, all my pain disappeared. 

We ended up talking and they told me how useful it was that I teach from a point of experience, rather then books, how they can sense my words in their bodies. 

Me grateful. Since that´s what i do. I give and teach from what I learn and experiences in life. Wish makes yoga always new, present, interesting and alive, also for me. 

Thankful and with a smile on my face I went home with a fresh moment of clarity in body and mind.

67 Thoughts on “Moments of confirmation

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