When early morning sun brings you up and out and you take a selfie with you and the palm and then really recognice yourself in the photo. Like seeing yourself right in to the eyes, feeling your own presence vibrating. Here I feel the aliveness so well, of me, the earth and the people around. My hair is curly. I don’t wear makeup. Sweat is melting down my back like sweet ice-cream in the warm summer-sun. But I feel alive and vibrant. Even though I go through challenges in this foreign but homy part of the world they all seems to lead me closer into life, and into a trust bigger then me. I don’t think we need to travel all around the world to dig in to juiciness of being alive, but I believe its important to listen to the longings, the daydreams that keep on whispering sweet words in our ears through early mornings and cold winter nights, no matter how far they feels in the moment, if they make sense to the rest of the world or not. But to keep on dreaming until they no longer are that foreign to you and the step is just a neighborhood away.
This feels intimate for me to share, but two weeks ago, when the dog bit my hand and the doctors told me I could die if not taking the medication and if taking the medication too, I sat with myself through the night, asking for more life to come, more days to be alive and to share what feels important for me with my loved ones and felt into how much words there is to be shared while being here on this beautiful planet alive and free.❤️

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