How to silence an american man..

Had a late lunch on the restaurant of yogabarn the other week and an amerikan man in the age of my father shared the table. He was a non stopper when it came to talking. Could not sit in silence for a minut. He went on about hes new yoga rutins. Taking 3 vinyasa (very sweaty high intense classes here in Bali) a day. While fasting. (Not eating only drinking juices) He could not stop talking about it, maybe it was hes hunger, I dont know. After many other questions he ask me, have you ever tried fasting for 7 days? And I answered, yes, I have, I did it for 7 years, and I found out, its not for me.
Finally he got quiet and I could continue my meal😋¬†I know a cleansing can be good for the organs in our bodies and Im not against it. But important is to be kind to ourselves in this sometimes so very body fixated society. To nourish ourselves with kindness, humanness and nourishing healthy food.

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