Hello from beautiful Bali again💛

With a new longing for warmth and light, a deep desire to visit new places, an urge to get inspired, I knew it was time to take a step out in the unknown, to travel again..


Bali, the island with it´s own unique beauty had been on my mind since last trip there two years ago.

I often dream of the green jungle- nature, the animals with the funny sounds, the kind people living there and the many likeminded who come to visit, the delicious healthy food made with love and of course new inspiring yoga classes going on thre..

so in the darkness of Swedish November, with a pumping heart and a scared/exited feeling in my stomach (why do they always have to come together…?!?) I choose to follow my longing and booked a ticket

good freinds, a likeminded tribe who dares to go for their dreams and make courageous decisions gave me the extra courage I needed when it felt scared, and made my trip easier in moments of doubt and fear..

cause there were a few of them even on the grean paradise-island Bali

for example when..

-you land after the long flight in the evening and everything is completely dark, you don´t know anybody, and it´s all wet and rainy and you wonder why the hell am I here?

-when you meet a gang of wild dogs on the street to early in the morning and first think they look cute but then as you come closer realize they are dangerous and wants to attack you..

-when you get ill and there is nobody there to care for you

But it was all worth it, the highs were many more than the lows. And with great luck I believe the lows can add to feel the highs even more and make you discover a strength you maybe had forgotten you had deep inside of you.


Do you have a deep longing for an adventure too?

Then I hope this will give you the extra courage and inspiration to book that ticket and go on the journey that is waiting to be explored only by you..


This was one of my favorit morning views. A day could start with a swim in the pool followed by a tasteful Balinese breakfast with banana-pancakes and fresh fruits from the local area…



The people I met opened my heart and gave me new views on life.

One fear I had before I went was that I would feel lonely, traveling by myself to the other side of the world without agenda or any meetings planned…

So how nice it was to experience the opposite, to slowly notice how the days got filled with new people showing up, inviting me for adventures and inspiring talks..

Sometimes we can´t imagen how things will work out only by thinking, we need to try it to actually see it happening for us.


Bali truly knows how to open my senses and make me feel alive 🙂

Food is lovely in Ubud. Healthy, colorful and tasteful almost everywhere.


And to do yoga in this green surrounding is just a great match!

I think life can be seen as a journey, and when we travel it´s extra easy to feel you´re on it.


Climbing this volcanos gave me more than a nice view. It gave me a glimpse of my strength and what I can achieve when I truly want something.


Stillness & calm in the midst of a journey can be magic.

This all happened in my hotel garden in one day.

The slow dance of a beautiful flower …. a show of the different phases from a little bud to full bloom, all beautiful in there own way.

I like this place on earth and will go back for sure💛

Maybe you think you´ll do it too?

I might create a dream-yoga-retreat here in the future….for them who feel the longing, the desire and a need to explore..come do it with me!

Let me know if this awakes a sparkle in you and I´ll keep you informed of future adventures to come 💛 info@yogabycaroline.se

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