Food & Future dreaming.
I happened to stay at a place here in Ubud I just fell in love with (does´t always happen as you book a spot in Bali). The atmosphere, the people, the beautiful decorated rooms with balconies, palm treas and old stone pools just made me feel that cosy Bali vibe I was longing for.
After one day there I bought two books about an australian woman who moved here 30 years ago for love. About her meeting with the culture and how she started her own business here, cooking balinese food after learning from the locals. Her good description of the Balinese culture made me laugh and gave me a greater understanding about what´s going on around me.
One morning at the breakfast as I chatted with my neighbors they told me she is the owner of the Guesthouse and even lives on it with her balinese husband and 4 kids. How cool is that?! So I kept on reading.

Then I saw they have a vegetarian cooking class once a week about how to use the food as medicine. Interesting since nature is all around and they all lok very healthy and happy here. So I went, and there she was, Janet de Neefe happy to guide us through 5 hours with cooking, tasting, smelling, and understanding about the ingredients, how they use them in food and when they are sick to get balance.
So interesting. DO I need to add that I never got hungry for dinner yesterday..? hehe there was just so much yummy long-cooked food to try out.

As the class ended I ended up chatting with her about yoga and health and life. And it can happen that we also talked about me bringing some winter cold swedes over here next year for yoga and balinese living. ☺️❤️


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