Dear Mama Earth

Yesterday afternoon I experienced you shaking me for the first time
and as you did
your earth quaked me open for you.

I was in meditation with a conscious group of likeminded dear ones caring for the earth from @newearthcooking as I felt my body shaking. First I thought is was a body reaction of mine, but as it continued and I looked up to meet the eyes of other faces around I understood that the shaking came from underneath and that we were all in it together.

It brought me closer to the fact that we live here
together and forever inseparable with you
your lungs is our lungs
your storms are our storms

through every breath
we connect in an eternal cycle of giving and receiving ~
I believe
we don’t live on you
but in you & that we don’t walk on you
but with you.

You not only offer us your lungs
but our sanctuary and home
giving your ground
as we rise and fall
through life.

So let us learn to care for you like we do for ourselves and our loved ones,
with the love, compassion and respect you deserve.

And let us all choose to hear your song before the melody gets lost. 💛

Much Love

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