Choosing short time discomfort in service of long time satisfaction.

Reflecting on the process of change, this I discovered… When we choose where to go in life, what we wants to do, who and what we wants to surround ourselves with, and how we want to show up for what we believe in, I found an interesting piece within my own choices.

I found that when my choices are not embodied, but made by a stressed mind, the walk seems easier but lead to numbness and a distance to my senses and dreams.

And when my choices are embodied and aligned with the longing of the heart & the dreams that keep on chowing up, it walks me through short time discomfort (sometimes deluxe) but long time satisfaction. 
Im still discovering and will always be lifes humble student. 
Yesterday morning I almost puked as I were to move from one apartment to another within the same city. Babysteps😂just saying. To go from the known to the unknown. But as I arrived, my heart opened big and my body relaxed deep. It showed there was something here for me, I could trust the feeling I got when I arrived here to see the place for the first time.

So change can be felt like a whirlwind and a puke, but IĀ“m learning more and more to trust the short time discomfort to come to serve and open the way for long time alignment. 

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