Being with breath

The theme on this weeks yoga-classes and an endless exploration… to discover, be with and move with your breath in order to stay connected and smooth the outcome of the day

So our breath gives us a key to explore the state we´re in.

As we observe it we´ll get a direct-guide to how our life feels in that particular moment.

When we feel good breath softens and deepens. When we move through discomfort and dislikes breath shortens, get tighter, or stop up for a short while.


So what to do ? 

Can we learn to teamwork with breath and get more out of life?

As we learn to tune in to and soften our breath, our overall experience of the moment can shift to a better one wherever we are, what ever we are doing.

Through being in contact with the shifts in our breathing we can notice what makes us feel good or bad in our everyday life and expand the feelgood-things and eleminate some of the feel bads in order to live a life better suitable for us…


Reading the cute book, “The little book of mindfulness” by Patrizia Collard that I found in a bookstore at the airport in Doha gives inspiration to tune in

One easy way to check in with your breath;

Sit in a comfortable way that supports the spine so that you can use your full concentration and attention on your breathing here for a while.

Feel your body Notice the overall feeling of the body where it is, as it is.

Come to your breath Notice how it flows in you right now. The soft expansion of your body with the inhale and the gentle contraction with exhale. Localize where you feel it the most and stay with your attention there for a while. Let the breath breath you without effort.

The more kindness and the less judgement you add with your attention the more free your breath will be. As you do so the breath might even slow down and change by your friendly attention.

Deepening your breath Start notice the little paus after your exhale and before the inhale. A paus where you can relax until next inhale entrance on its own when it´s ready… keep on for a couple of rounds, relaxing into the paus in between the breath, letting the body relax as you exhale and renew as your inhale.

Then let the breath flow as it flows and change as it change during your day. Become aware and let life be lived in a way that feels good inside of you!


If you´re curious to explore more by yourself, I´ll recommend “Breathing book” by Donna Fahri.

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