Be kind.

Be kind to yourself. 
If you spend time with someone who has or have had eating disorders and want them to feel good and safe around you. Be kind to yourself. Dont say mean things to yourself as you eat next piece of chocolat next to her, be a good exemple, remember it might have taken her 10 year to come back to truly enjoy the pleasure of food again. Taking that piece of chocolat, that is now a self pleasure ritual for her, might not happen in your company again if you keep on being mean to yourself. Appreciate your body for all it do for you every day. Every body is deserving of food and kindness from the owner of the body without compulsive exercise. Also you. Treat yourself like you think she deserves to be treated. Eat the chocolat piece next to her and enjoy it, or dont take it at all. If you really like her, be a good exemple for her on her continued journey of food and body pleasure. 💛

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