Yeheey. One of those breakfasts turning in to lunch turning in to new friends. Caught in the moment. Time flying by. This place so smart located in this hot area, in between two open ricefields with view over the mountains and with a breeze dancing through the open space now and then. Makes me think about what a good environment makes for us, how big part the environment plays in our everyday lives. How it affects how we feel and interact with each other. When I travel solo its always on the hidden spots I find and is drawn to that I also meet the nicest people. Cause for some reason they were also drawn to come to the same place, at the same time. Then its a plus when the breakfast is in the side of 3 meals, not kidding😂☺️and soo delicious! 

Sunday market by the locals farmers and designers to support the balinese village. Trying out the healing oils and creams to support my latest tropical insect-bite☺️🌴last days cure for a misquito-bite worked amazingly well. They really know how to use the healing benefits from plants through food, drinks, natural creams and essential oils here. If you’re not to ill its a really good compliment for a healthy living.


There is as many answers as there are beings. But I get surprised sometimes, like yesterday. I heard this is a insta-friendly spot of Bali, so many cool places with great food to catch and share. But I always thought the yoga-zoon is the balancing spot, like the yin to the yang. Or the artificiell to the real deal.
So I attended a class that to my surprise was full of yoga-men and some fiew woman, Hey, thats nice for a change😊 it was a restorative and meditative class with lots of self-reflection and time to drop the unnecessaries in life. The social face, the idéas that you need to be/act or look in a certain way to be here.
When I have classes like this one in sweden people often smiles and look at eachother afterwords, maybe even get friendly.
But to my surprice what happened as the class ended were that the guys smiles and went out and the few girls all stayed and started to do soectacular yoga positions with camera smiles and without breath. I went out just to meet a totally silent sofa-hang with noone talking to eachother, everybody super busy with there own phones. The contact so peaceful given with the moment already so far away.
Ive been to many yoga studios around the world but this took the price.
Why are we doing yoga? Why is it that the woman do this snd the men don’t give a fuck?
For me I do yoga to return home. Come back to my breathing, my body and the moment I am in. To then hopefully show up as a better and more present person to myself and the humans around.
Its never been about the poses the look or the likes. Its always been to show up for life.❤️

The small details that matter.

Its all about the details. How someone makes an effort to make you feel welcome and good. Today on one of the many coffeshops, home-made almondmilk and vanilla granola with yummi fruits of the season. All served in the best colours and your own fabric napkin with a beautiful pattern. Travelling for a while the details is what makes me stay and come back day after day. ❤️

Moments of Island Beauty.

Walking away from city-business of Bali-scooters on endless drives I discovered this hidden paradise 10 minutes walk away. Watching the sun slowly melt down over the ricefields is such a gift. Brings you right in to the moment and lets the moment come alive. I couldn’t do other than taking a seat and watch the sceanery of the landscape slowly change like a painting through the painters eyes. Noting my evening plans fade away as the stars and the moon entered the stage. And here I am. Beautiful Bali.


Food & Future dreaming.
I happened to stay at a place here in Ubud I just fell in love with (does´t always happen as you book a spot in Bali). The atmosphere, the people, the beautiful decorated rooms with balconies, palm treas and old stone pools just made me feel that cosy Bali vibe I was longing for.
After one day there I bought two books about an australian woman who moved here 30 years ago for love. About her meeting with the culture and how she started her own business here, cooking balinese food after learning from the locals. Her good description of the Balinese culture made me laugh and gave me a greater understanding about what´s going on around me.
One morning at the breakfast as I chatted with my neighbors they told me she is the owner of the Guesthouse and even lives on it with her balinese husband and 4 kids. How cool is that?! So I kept on reading.

Then I saw they have a vegetarian cooking class once a week about how to use the food as medicine. Interesting since nature is all around and they all lok very healthy and happy here. So I went, and there she was, Janet de Neefe happy to guide us through 5 hours with cooking, tasting, smelling, and understanding about the ingredients, how they use them in food and when they are sick to get balance.
So interesting. DO I need to add that I never got hungry for dinner yesterday..? hehe there was just so much yummy long-cooked food to try out.

As the class ended I ended up chatting with her about yoga and health and life. And it can happen that we also talked about me bringing some winter cold swedes over here next year for yoga and balinese living. ☺️❤️



When early morning sun brings you up and out and you take a selfie with you and the palm and then really recognice yourself in the photo. Like seeing yourself right in to the eyes, feeling your own presence vibrating. Here I feel the aliveness so well, of me, the earth and the people around. My hair is curly. I don’t wear makeup. Sweat is melting down my back like sweet ice-cream in the warm summer-sun. But I feel alive and vibrant. Even though I go through challenges in this foreign but homy part of the world they all seems to lead me closer into life, and into a trust bigger then me. I don’t think we need to travel all around the world to dig in to juiciness of being alive, but I believe its important to listen to the longings, the daydreams that keep on whispering sweet words in our ears through early mornings and cold winter nights, no matter how far they feels in the moment, if they make sense to the rest of the world or not. But to keep on dreaming until they no longer are that foreign to you and the step is just a neighborhood away.
This feels intimate for me to share, but two weeks ago, when the dog bit my hand and the doctors told me I could die if not taking the medication and if taking the medication too, I sat with myself through the night, asking for more life to come, more days to be alive and to share what feels important for me with my loved ones and felt into how much words there is to be shared while being here on this beautiful planet alive and free.❤️


Office in Paradise. View from my laptop. Why not work in paradise if you can? 💛🌺🌴


At a simple Wurang. (Local food-places, family-own small busines.)
I found myself smiling today. Smiling to the people around, and as I looked up their smiles were just as mine. Open and alive. The chat never more than a chair away. On the simplest warung with no wifi. We look up and we smile. Was it like this before wi-fi or is it just me. Needing to look up and be free..💛


Create your space.
When you cant find space in your yoga-position or in life, create it. There is so much space. Sometimes we need to move a little or a lot to really find it. Play with it, and give yourself the space you need. 💛


På yoga-klasserna här kan allt hända. Idag liggandes på min matta i väntan på klassens början fastnar mina ögon på en stor ödla uppe i taket som försöker ha ihjäl en vacker fjäril som lyckas komma loss, men skadar sin vinge så den faller 6 meter ner till golvet, och just som den landar rullar en tjej ut sin yogamatta över den och drar mattan tillsammans med fjärilen ngn meter bort, för att slutligen lägga sig på den och yoga genom klassen…aaah, hjärtat brast lite där❤️efter klass föll denna blomma ner framför näsan på mig med en doft från en himmelriket