When early morning sun brings you up and out and you take a selfie with you and the palm and then really recognice yourself in the photo. Like seeing yourself right in to the eyes, feeling your own presence vibrating. Here I feel the aliveness so well, of me, the earth and the people around. My hair is curly. I don’t wear makeup. Sweat is melting down my back like sweet ice-cream in the warm summer-sun. But I feel alive and vibrant. Even though I go through challenges in this foreign but homy part of the world they all seems to lead me closer into life, and into a trust bigger then me. I don’t think we need to travel all around the world to dig in to juiciness of being alive, but I believe its important to listen to the longings, the daydreams that keep on whispering sweet words in our ears through early mornings and cold winter nights, no matter how far they feels in the moment, if they make sense to the rest of the world or not. But to keep on dreaming until they no longer are that foreign to you and the step is just a neighborhood away.
This feels intimate for me to share, but two weeks ago, when the dog bit my hand and the doctors told me I could die if not taking the medication and if taking the medication too, I sat with myself through the night, asking for more life to come, more days to be alive and to share what feels important for me with my loved ones and felt into how much words there is to be shared while being here on this beautiful planet alive and free.❤️


Office in Paradise. View from my laptop. Why not work in paradise if you can? 💛🌺🌴


At a simple Wurang. (Local food-places, family-own small busines.)
I found myself smiling today. Smiling to the people around, and as I looked up their smiles were just as mine. Open and alive. The chat never more than a chair away. On the simplest warung with no wifi. We look up and we smile. Was it like this before wi-fi or is it just me. Needing to look up and be free..💛


Create your space.
When you cant find space in your yoga-position or in life, create it. There is so much space. Sometimes we need to move a little or a lot to really find it. Play with it, and give yourself the space you need. 💛


På yoga-klasserna här kan allt hända. Idag liggandes på min matta i väntan på klassens början fastnar mina ögon på en stor ödla uppe i taket som försöker ha ihjäl en vacker fjäril som lyckas komma loss, men skadar sin vinge så den faller 6 meter ner till golvet, och just som den landar rullar en tjej ut sin yogamatta över den och drar mattan tillsammans med fjärilen ngn meter bort, för att slutligen lägga sig på den och yoga genom klassen…aaah, hjärtat brast lite där❤️efter klass föll denna blomma ner framför näsan på mig med en doft från en himmelriket


Woman-circle in the Djungle. Late evening, in a little hut in between the giant trees and next to the river, with open walls and a straw roof. We met. 40 woman in the same age from all around the world. This night sharing our own stories about beauty. How we saw beauty as young in our different parts of the world. What it made with us growing up, and what beauty is for us today. All to the sounds of water pouring in the river, birds singing their evening song and frogs making funny noises.
All stories so relative. Some really heartbreaking other short and funny. But it does something for us as woman, to come together and gather in circle and a bigger sisterhood with love and respect. In fact its not a new thing. This is how woman always have shared their knowlidge and supported eachother since ancient times ❤️ beauty, one word with so many different meanings and stories, putting so many woman through years of struggle to finally find beauty is within. Maybe I share more about that another time. You are all Beautiful❤️


Okay, time to get real.
Att resa runt på Bali med omnejd är helt fantastiskt, och ofta kan jag inte låta bli att dela höjdpunkterna av resan via bilder här. Fantastiska solnedgångar, träd, blommor, växter och människor jag får möta. Men det känns lite kluvet då det också förekommer att saker inte blir helt, eller alls som man tänkt sig emellanåt i främmande land. Myggor som hänger i drömrummet å lite överallt, tuppar som gal tidiga morgnar, trafik där ingen har körkort, vulkaner som börjar puttra så man får fly långan väg å hundar som ibland bits utan orsak. Men I still I like it here. Balanserna är otroligt vänliga, hjälpsamma och gästfria och möter en oftast i total närvaro, en sällsynthet på många andra platser i världen som jag uppskattar otroligt mkt med att vara här.
Man kan troligen flyga hit och checka in på en av de västerländska lyx-resorterna och bara hänga där hela tiden, men det är faktiskt alla de här mötena med livet runtikring och inom som gör en resa till en resa för mig.
Ok. Nyansering klar❤️kärlek till er.

Mangrove Forest Magic and unexpected adventures.

Totally magic start of yesterday in Mangrove forest. So peaceful to move with the boat through the river, listening to the whisper of the treas and following the flow of the water from scene to scene. Until a dog jumped out of the forest and bit my hand on the walk back💛

Boat trip to Nusa Lembongan

Moving on. Leaving one island to go to the next, not more than 30 min away with this local boat. And we got the cutest company so far. A little afraid puppy.

Hello Sanur

Good morning Sanur. Leaving the vulcanic area, stormy sea and rain in east Bali to go to Sanur was the best idé. Waking up to a sunny light and spacious part of Bali in our own little house with pool and a cute little doggy just opens my heart💛glad what life gives me when trusting the longing to let go and travel here.

Found a lovely yoga spot in Sanur on the beach. What better place is there to open up to your senses through yoga than in a living environment next to the sea, listening to the afternoon breeze and the soft waves of the ocean❤️