We can not control life. We can only show up with good intentions for what we believe in. ⁣
Life teaches me big time to let go of control and surrender to a bigger trust in life itself.⁣

We can only plant good seeds for what we believe in, show up for them and surrender any outcome.

Mind sometimes unconsciously believes we can plan and organize the outcome, but we can not. That game is a loos in energy with no gain. ⁣That part of the process is not up to us.

As we cant control the planets spinning around the sun, the cycles of the moon or the sun rising and setting, so cant we control the outcome of or efforts. ⁣

The goal of my trip here were to show up for something I believed was good for me. And as I got here I got to know that thing was not possible. Just like that. My whole system said, whaaaat, noooo, is this really happening?!!!!? since it was a big deal for me to choose to do it and challenged me a lot. ⁣

But all I could do was to surrender to the no and trust that life has a better plan for me, one I could not yet see.⁣

And as I wrote this I got the chance back. After 24 hours confusion and trust. ⁣

So what do we know about what is in here for us. But showing up and learning to trust is a dance we have. And life always gets better danced. ❤️


We dont need to live up to the expectations of the ego or the world in order to be loved.

We dont need to run a show.

We are perfect in our pure humanness or call it human mess.
I love you just the way you are.

Dont abandon your BEing in order to be loved by me.

Don´t DO yourself to impress me,
that only creates distance between my heart and yours.

Remember. I love you. Just the way you are.
If you ever doubted. ❤️

Movement in to Moment

⁣I feel like sharing a tool I use⁣⁣
when ever I find my mind getting⁣⁣
busier than my heart wants to beat.⁣⁣

You can do it in 2 different ways:
1. Close your eyes and get so still ⁣⁣
that you start noticing everything around or within⁣⁣
that is not still in this moment.⁣⁣ Be with it. Breath.
Connect with the stillness in center of the movements.⁣⁣
2. Move your body so slow⁣⁣
that your mind can’t be anywhere else⁣⁣
than in your movements.
Much Love⁣⁣

Dear Mama Earth

Yesterday afternoon I experienced you shaking me for the first time
and as you did
your earth quaked me open for you.

I was in meditation with a conscious group of likeminded dear ones caring for the earth from @newearthcooking as I felt my body shaking. First I thought is was a body reaction of mine, but as it continued and I looked up to meet the eyes of other faces around I understood that the shaking came from underneath and that we were all in it together.

It brought me closer to the fact that we live here
together and forever inseparable with you
your lungs is our lungs
your storms are our storms

through every breath
we connect in an eternal cycle of giving and receiving ~
I believe
we don’t live on you
but in you & that we don’t walk on you
but with you.

You not only offer us your lungs
but our sanctuary and home
giving your ground
as we rise and fall
through life.

So let us learn to care for you like we do for ourselves and our loved ones,
with the love, compassion and respect you deserve.

And let us all choose to hear your song before the melody gets lost. 💛

Much Love


Ödmjuk in swedish means to be soft to destiny. The word split up in two is öde=destiny and mjuk=soft.

Someone mentioned it a year ago and the word stayed with me ever since and made me think about how important it is to be so, humble to our destinies.

Humble to the place we are in and all that we are in this given moment. No matter where we are, we all do our best to navigate life in every moment and have always done.

Looking back on challenge or situations we have experienced in the past, we might with todays knowledge have acted or met the situation differently, but at that point, we did not know better, and we did all we could with what we knew to survive. So be gentle with yourself and others.

Lets embrace yesterdays challenges and be thankful for all that we learn through them and life that will now support us as we keep on walking our human, humble path with love towards self and others.

Being ödmjuk is not an act of giving up, in fact its the opposite, its to give in and enter your now with compassion towards self and others, seeing how we all try to do our very best to navigate this thing called life.
Love you all. 💛

Choosing short time discomfort in service of long time satisfaction.

Reflecting on the process of change, this I discovered… When we choose where to go in life, what we wants to do, who and what we wants to surround ourselves with, and how we want to show up for what we believe in, I found an interesting piece within my own choices.

I found that when my choices are not embodied, but made by a stressed mind, the walk seems easier but lead to numbness and a distance to my senses and dreams.

And when my choices are embodied and aligned with the longing of the heart & the dreams that keep on chowing up, it walks me through short time discomfort (sometimes deluxe) but long time satisfaction. 
Im still discovering and will always be lifes humble student. 
Yesterday morning I almost puked as I were to move from one apartment to another within the same city. Babysteps😂just saying. To go from the known to the unknown. But as I arrived, my heart opened big and my body relaxed deep. It showed there was something here for me, I could trust the feeling I got when I arrived here to see the place for the first time.

So change can be felt like a whirlwind and a puke, but I´m learning more and more to trust the short time discomfort to come to serve and open the way for long time alignment. 

One step at the time..

Putting my feets where heart wants to be is something I practice daily 💛

It makes me so thankful for where I am now, and for the aliveness that awakens as I do.

You can do it to. We all can.

Its worth going through all the but… mind can come up with when we start to listen to the soft whisper of a longing heart and give it a chance, cause what if…😊💛

Back in Bali.

Happy to be back in the island that keep on calling me back.

The island of kindness, pulsating nature, dancing in the djungle, bird-songs all year around, ceremonies, yoga, curious people, creations in all kinds and food for soul.
This week I take a teacher training to learn how to use the voice while moving our bodies, to learn play the harmonium and to follow my heart with devotion.

love playing this instrument with the others
and let the songs sooth your mind to drop in to heartspace together

Be kind.

Be kind to yourself. 
If you spend time with someone who has or have had eating disorders and want them to feel good and safe around you. Be kind to yourself. Dont say mean things to yourself as you eat next piece of chocolat next to her, be a good exemple, remember it might have taken her 10 year to come back to truly enjoy the pleasure of food again. Taking that piece of chocolat, that is now a self pleasure ritual for her, might not happen in your company again if you keep on being mean to yourself. Appreciate your body for all it do for you every day. Every body is deserving of food and kindness from the owner of the body without compulsive exercise. Also you. Treat yourself like you think she deserves to be treated. Eat the chocolat piece next to her and enjoy it, or dont take it at all. If you really like her, be a good exemple for her on her continued journey of food and body pleasure. 💛


Grounding don´t have to mean staying still. As I walked yesterday I suddenly realized grounding is in every step we take. Sometimes moving with life is far more grounding than staying still. Where ever you are, what ever you do, every time your feet touch ground you ground your feet and body where you are. Doing so consciously, to mindfully be in your steps, as you walk your walk is truly grounding. 💛