Yoga is for me…
a safe space to drop in to self and life in any given moment.

What started as movements on a mat is now a body awareness that brings me to the core of my being and values in life.

It brings me joy to inspire others meeting themselves on and of the mat, to through movements, breaths and sounds explore there bodies from within. And then leave with a new awareness, sensitivity and appreciation of them selves and the world around.

I believe the mat is a safe space to learn how to co-create a healthy life on and of the mat. I go there when I am sad and I go there when I am happy. Its became my playground and true companion that keeps me open for all the life that is here.

I have been teaching yoga regularly in 7 years now and keep on feeling humble of all the gift it brings people as they tap in and move through the movement and moment with me.


-Teacher Training Ashtanga/Hatha at Atmajyoti Yoga. (RYS 250)

-Yin/Restorative Yoga teacher training at Atmajyoti Yoga. (50 hours)

-Prenatal Teacher Training at Atmajyoti Yoga. (40 hours)

-Medi Yoga Instructor Training (Medical Yoga ) at Medi Yoga Stockholm.

-Woman Self Care training with Emily Kuser (25 hour)

-MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course 8 weeks, Sounds True, with Dr. Saki. Santorelli and Florence Meleo-Meyer.

-Bhakti Yoga Immersion with Audrey Sarquilla, 50 hours, Radiantly Alive, Ubud.

-Deep Inner Knowing, an online journey, Womans wisdom tough by Yana Fay.

And a bunch of classes and workshops from different teachers inLA, Cape town, Bali and Sweden. ✨