Hello Beautiful Bali

You make me return again and again. The longing of my heart takes the steps for me, and this time you asked me to stay longer. To give time and space to really dive in to the beauty of your island and your sea.

With a swedish winterheart I came and you melted it into a summers rain when I arrived in Ubud monsun-season one night.

The day after you wooke me up witj light, songs of tropical birds and smiles from the Balinese around me.

The second night you connected me with those lovely english travelers asking me to come along on their trip to Amed, Sanur and Nusa Lembongan, so I did.


Day by day you show me life here. How the people live and how they treat every guest on their island with warm heart and a mindfulness we in the west go to classes to attend.

As we arrived in Sanur you whispered with the sea that this place is for me.

Travel with likeminded souls made my heart sing. Sharing the morning yoga-rituals next to our pool and going shopping fresh fruit on the market to have for breakfast in the garden just makes the day.

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