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Bali Bliss

Cant get enough of theese evenings here. So much heart. Songs. Nature. Togetherness. As the monsun rain came we danced in it for a while and then escaped to the pavilion. Stopping was never an option☺️👌🏼❤️Me like. Bali bliss.

Morning after I woke up with an ocean of curls after dancing through the fullmoon night, the rain, the fears, the longings, the happiness. Felt in to the big lust for life I touch in to here ❤️makes me wonder, am I a djungle woman born in the cold sweden?

Sunday promise

Lets get still enough for the moment to arrive to you. The sky, the clouds, the wind and the birds song. I truly believe slow is the new flow. 💙


Someone said. ”In pure presence there are no where else you need to be.” So true. This precious spot not to be forgotten. Breathing in to the full aliveness of this moment in between the known past and the unknown future.💛Welcome friday.


Woke up and cant believe I read my poems out loud yesterday night. Holy guacamoly. I felt for trying it and it was a good spot for doing it. I did not dare but did it anyway. And they wanted more. When doing one thing we don’t dare or never thought we could, we open new doors. And a bigger believe in more openings coming our way in the future. Someone said courage is like a muscle, the more you use it the easier it gets. 💛

Yin mode Ubud 💛

Nothing needs to happen, here, right now. Life is already complete & holding us.
We don´t need something or someone to come from the outside to complete us or fill us up, cause we are already so complete. We always were and always will be. In every moment, breath and time. Being you is enough. ❤️



Silent day in Bali.

Yesterday we had a silence day (Nyepi) on the island. Nyepi is part of the Balinese new years celebration that goes on for 6 days. Everybody have to stay at home (tourists in their hotels) and wifi and electricity is supposed to be off. It was a special experience. I had time to go through all my writings since first day of my trip. It turned out to be a good space for reflection.  I’ll share some words from my journal I think is a good reminder for all of us.

We do not need to be hard on ourselves. We need to love ourselves. Love our humanness, laugh a little or a lot to the human mess we sometimes notice or touch in to. Smile to the uncertainty of life and breath through the heart of the moment.💙


I spent 3 days in Singapore with beautiful gardens and great food. On my way back to Bali they cancelled my flight, so I spent 17 hours at the airport. A meeting with a stranger stood out and made me creative…resulting in a poem in the middle of the night..

In moment unsure
while left on the shore

with plans in the sea
you came to me

guided me through
some moments with you

spreading the light
while catching your flight

you´re one of a kind
unusual to find

driven apart
but still in my heart

time is behind
and you in my mind ~Caroline

How to silence an american man..

Had a late lunch on the restaurant of yogabarn the other week and an amerikan man in the age of my father shared the table. He was a non stopper when it came to talking. Could not sit in silence for a minut. He went on about hes new yoga rutins. Taking 3 vinyasa (very sweaty high intense classes here in Bali) a day. While fasting. (Not eating only drinking juices) He could not stop talking about it, maybe it was hes hunger, I dont know. After many other questions he ask me, have you ever tried fasting for 7 days? And I answered, yes, I have, I did it for 7 years, and I found out, its not for me.
Finally he got quiet and I could continue my meal😋 I know a cleansing can be good for the organs in our bodies and Im not against it. But important is to be kind to ourselves in this sometimes so very body fixated society. To nourish ourselves with kindness, humanness and nourishing healthy food.


A second poem wanted to come through, so I share it here with you 💛 it´s about letting heart guide you from the known into the unknown.


Butterflies come
to show me the way

shivery, shaky
they dont seems to stay

holding my hand
in summer y land

their road is a flight
how can this be right

the path so unknown
for only me shown

with moment so sweet
in jungle of heat

I suddenly hear
their wisper in ear

the wind and the sun and the bees
and the trees

with us you belong
dear, this is your song.


This month I started singing. In one fearful rabies-vaccination day they found me. The mantras. And something deep inside opened. Singing together is powerful. I never got it before when showing up for kirtans, but this intelligent woman made clarity out of old wawa-wowos and put clouds ideas into simplicity. Its a kind of meditation when we repeat the words. What yoga is for the body, mantra and meditation is for the mind. We want a flexible body in yoga and a flexible mind in meditation. Now I sing every day. And I like it.