1:1 Mindful Movement Sessions

I offer personalized 1:1 mindful movement sessions to give space and tools for you to tune in and explore life with more intimacy and joy through using your body consciously and dropping in to your senses with movements, breath, mindfulness and kindness.

Online & in person. A meeting can be 60- 90 min depending on what you prefer. And stems from where you are. How your body and mind is experiencing life at this moment.
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Through mindful movements and gentle attention we lean in to the moment to sooth body and mind.

From this place of rest we re connect to the moments and our senses. Using mindful movements, breath and focus to drop in to the deeper wisdom of our body. Its needs and its longings.

As we open our senses we give the body an opportunity to rest and restore so new energy can flow and the magic of the moment evolve.

Contact me for questions or a free chat about how a session can look alike for you!


Sharing/ mindfull movements /yoga to sooth your mind and open up for your bodies natural flow.

This is a space for you to come back to connect with your natural flow through mindful attention and movements suited to support your intention and longings of the body.

Contact me for questions or a free chat about how a session can look alike for you!

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These are some testimonials from clients working with me;

“I was fortunate to practice with Caroline when I first was introduced to Yoga as well as many times thereafter. Her professionalism, energy and the safe space she creates gave me strong foundation. One that is easy to access whenever I feel the need. For this I´m forever grateful.

-Ida Norrby,

Designer Stockholm, Sweden

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