So grateful for all the people I meet every week and get ti share my yoga, breath, presence and life energy with here in Stockholm right now and since last summer. Teaching on Atmajyoti. Bara Yoga and Tridevi Yoga.

New courses starting now in January in Yin Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga. Pm for more details. 💛

you know when you know

When you know you know…a wise woman said to me once.⁣
And ever since I’ve used this inner knowing, letting it guide me through life. Taking me to places unknown and sometimes letting go of things others would hold on to for long.✨⁣

Today I feel happy life took me here & thankful for me taking the leap of fait ⁣
to trust life to hold me as I arrive in a new place of the world at this time. ⁣

With no people I know but with hope my inner guide had right. And if a days smile on my nordic winter lips behind a mask wont lie I think the answer is I can trust my guide. 💛✨Obrigado. 🙏🇵🇹⁣

and now

as I have been here a little over a month

✨I just started to share my yoga here in the sweet yogastudio in the heart of Lagos, Insight Yoga.

Every Saturday in sunset hour we meet for Yinyoga. The soft, kind, heartwarming style where we stay a bit longer in each pose to let the body unwind and ground where we are, as we are.

If you are not in the Algarve, Portugal and wants to join us, its easy to do so through zoom, (online) just send me a message if you wanna come!
18.00 Portugal & central Europe time. (19.00 Swedish time)


bringing our no

If it doesn’t feel good. It’s not good. As simple as that. Saying yes to new things is to be done with staying intimate with our no. Im realizing how important it is to see the power in our no and to voice it up when needed. Saying no when it feels no is more powerful than saying yes to please someone else or the situation you are in. Saying no as we feel no is saying yes to what feels yes to us. So a no is always a yes to something more suitable.
Today I’m bringing the power of my full no as I explore something completely new. And I have to say I feel empowered as I bring my voice of all colors with me.


Today I overheard a discussion on mistakes. My take is that mistakes are part of growing and moving on in life. It’s also about how we choose to see things. For me, if there is such thing as mistakes. I hope to not stop making them, since it’s part of evolving, but to make better and better ones as I grow through them. ❤️

small steps…

Its time for CELEBRATION of the small steps. That nobody sees but you. That nobody feels or knows about but you. These steps of discomfort that yet creates space inside and make you feel closer to what’s true to you as you walk them through. Don’t forget to celebrate all small steps of expansion you have passed so far on this journey of life. 💛⁣

3 deep breath

3 deep breath ⁣is all it takes
to bring you back to body⁣
and out of the business ⁣
of a day

make it a habit⁣
to pay attention⁣
to breath ⁣
already breathing you ⁣
throughout your day⁣

There might be places ⁣
that stimulate your breath⁣
pay attention to them⁣

✨Gift yourself through

spending time with them,

visit or re visit in your mind

this place that gives you space.

And if you dont have one today

use my place:)


Moments of confirmation

Moments of confirmations has always been my guides through life. They comes in a “sensation-that-fills-my-whole-body” kind of way. And clears my head and reminds me I´m on my path even in big doubt.

One evening in January I felt it, and wrote…

Tonight I had a reaffirming reminder of being in my flow, my element and on the right place doing the right thing. 

I was teaching posture in my yoga class and we moved, breathed and felt together as the pandemic was at its worst outside. When we finished we sat in silence and my 3 participants looked up and smiled at each other and me. 

Then told me one by one how this shared moments on the mat this evening changed the way they felt about being in their bodies. A lot. In a good way. It came straight from their hearts and touched mine at the core. 

What they did not know was that I was in so much pain that day that I did not know if I would be abel to teach that evening, but also for me during the class, all my pain disappeared. 

We ended up talking and they told me how useful it was that I teach from a point of experience, rather then books, how they can sense my words in their bodies. 

Me grateful. Since that´s what i do. I give and teach from what I learn and experiences in life. Wish makes yoga always new, present, interesting and alive, also for me. 

Thankful and with a smile on my face I went home with a fresh moment of clarity in body and mind.

words on enough..

We might never be enough for others. But we can choose to be fully enough for ourselves. Enough funny, adventure, healthy, successful, intelligent and uniq. Enoughness is an option. It does not come from what we do but from what we are. Not from what we have but how we see what we have.

Tensions & loving Attention


Ever experienced a tight shoulder or a stiffness in your neck draw your attention in to the moment, in to your senses and back to your body?⁣

That´s actually what it does, our clever body as it longs for our kind attention✨⁣

When we spend time in our head, focusing outward for a long or loose ourselves in thoughts they often come to visit, tensions⁣

Mind might not wanna deal with it right now and might suggest to either get more busy with we already are doing (and then ignoring what we sense) or doing a really dramatic stretch to “end the discomfort quick and effective” but that will most likely create more or new tensions..⁣

✨ As an act of self-care I instead suggest you to;⁣

-Be thankful for you noticing your bodies communication⁣
-Allow you attention to stay here a little longer⁣
-Breath into it to the tense area to create space and let oxygen in. (Contraction most often comes from areas lacking good air circulation at the moment.)⁣
-Allow some gentle mindful movements to sooth the area together with your breath for new circulation to flow.⁣

Remember, tension just wants your kind Attention💛⁣

Meeting the present experience kindly is what we do in my yoga-classes. No working against, but exploring with.⁣

Want some gentle guidance in to your body and learn how to move in a loving way? Send me a message and share how you are sowe can have a chat about it! ✨

Sunday Woman Gathering Online

This Sunday 10/5 I’m opening a new space for woman to come together. To connect with body, mind and each other through guided mindful meditations, sharing and exploring in the now.⁣

✨This is a space to rest, reconnect and be. Not to fix each other but to softening into the beauty that lies within.⁣

✨Do you long for a deeper connection with other woman and self. A loving space to tune in to every sunday?⁣

I will be offering 4 weeks with open gatherings for any woman to join and explore what this can be like, before letting it become a more intimate group that gather for a longer period of time.⁣

Therefor price is donation based this 4 Sundays.⁣
First time Free. ⁣
Then 10€ donation suggested through Paypal.⁣
Part of the money will go direct to support woman in need.⁣

Time 10.30-11.30 Sweden⁣ 9.30-10.30 Central Europe time.⁣ 15.30-16.30 Bali⁣ (ask me for any other zone)⁣

If this warms your heart or open your curiosity..⁣

✨Message me to book your spot and to receive the link for next zoom gathering or any questions.⁣

I would love to have You in❤️